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Family and Consumer Sciences, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship, Character Education, School Counseling, Speaking and Listening
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    Now Go Lead, Student Leadership Lessons

    Now Go Lead, Student Leadership Lessons


    Make the Lead4Change Student Leadership Program the best new idea for your school this year!  Leadership + Service = Measurable Change.  FREE lessons and amazing outcomes. Students lead, lives are changed.  Get started today with ready-to-use lessons, resources and more at

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    Lesson One, Be Your Best Self

    LESSON ONE (Three Activities)


    • Students will reflect on their lives and determine important moments that have helped to shape who they are today.
    • Students will identify characteristics or qualities about who they are today and define what they want to become in the future.
    • Students will identify and explore the single biggest thing they can imagine that will help them to grow and change.

    Materials needed:

    • Recommended Videos: "Be your Best Self" and "Lifeline" (Located on
    • Recommended Pre-Leadership Survey (Located on
    • Student and Educator Edition of Lesson One (provided)

    Activity One: Lifeline (15 minutes)
    Activity Two: Grow Yourself (10-15 minutes)
    Activity Three: Three BIG Questions (10 minutes)

    Additional:  Refer to attached resources for standards, subject-area integration, and how to enter the Lead4Change Challenge to receive up to $10,000 in grant money.



    It can be hard to be ourselves because we don’t always exactly know who we are. This is especially true when we face big changes in our lives. It takes self-awareness, insight, and reflection to really learn who we are and to become comfortable and confident with that information. These are tools that strong leaders use to learn from their past and create a vision for their future.

    Lesson One "Be Your Best Self"  With your teacher/advisor, complete three activities of Lesson One in the student edition.  After this, you will have the opportunity to develop a team, research a school/community issue, create and implement an action plan to complete a service project for a chance to win up to $10,000 in the Lead4Change Challenge.  Your teacher can access the remaining lessons online.