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Menominee Ethnobotany 01 Introduction

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An introduction to the Unit, including timeline, a game, and ground rules. This class is where the students begin a foundation for learning the entire unit. They will make a sketchbook to hold the knowledge gained throughout the entire two weeks of the unit. They will take ownership over their time spent through the development of a timeline for completion.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Ben Grignon

Student Inspired Motivational Videos

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Prince EA has created a series of YouTube videos including "I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!" "Sorry Future Generations" "I am NOT black, you are NOT white" that addresses teaching methods, future environmental issues, personal opinions, and motivational opportunities for students to observe. Prince EA uses a lyrical presentation that captures the attention of viewers by the use of "Slam Poetry" choreographed with background music.

Material Type: Assessment, Formative Assessment

Author: Klint Hischke

Technology Rich South America Geography Unit

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This unit focuses on the geography of South America. The unit incorporates technology by using resources like Google Earth and the CIA World Factbook website. The unit includes links to 5 individual lessons. All lessons include links to necessary materials. Everything for the lesson is created on the Google Platform (docs, slides) and can be easily adapted to Regions other than South America.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Learning Task, Lecture Notes, Lesson, Unit of Study

Author: LaRon Buettner

Art Show with our Elders

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In this remixed lesson plan from “Art Show with the Masters” by Daniella Garran and Lisa Brizendine, students will research information on American Indian artists' lives and works. They will prepare works of art based on their understanding of the artists, their time and place in history (if applicable), and their works. Students then create an art show for to feature their artists and the artists' paintings/sculptures/artwork. Students, pretending to be artists, are interviewed on video alongside their artwork. This video will be shown as part of the exhibition.

Material Type: Lesson, Unit of Study

Author: Lynn Aprill