Everyone should have the opportunity to learn about Wisconsin’s diverse environmental assets and explore the places in which we live, learn, work, and play. Environmental education is a required in Wisconsin and every school district is required to develop and implement a kindergarten through grade 12 sequential curriculum plan for environmental education. Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability coupled with the resources in this hub can guide curriculum planning. 

Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy & Sustainability

The Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability provide a foundational framework that identifies what students should know and be able to do in environmental education. Built on a foundation of systems thinking, the seven standards across three interrelated strands— connect, explore, and engage—take an interdisciplinary approach to integrating environmental education into multiple subject areas. 

Instructional Resources

We have curated Wisconsin-based curricular resources along with resources from other places to help educators find ways to connect, explore, and engage in any classroom. 

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A Collaborative Approach

Statewide organizations are working together to support this initiative. Click on the external links below to find even more ways to support environmental education (Exit Hub)

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