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Compare and Contrast with Scratch Jr. (for K-2nd)

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Students will use the Scratch Jr. app to create, compare and contrast characters. This introductory lesson will include the foundational skills students will need to begin using Scratch Jr., so it makes a great "first project" with students.Pre-requisites-Have a device available for each student (Note: instructions are written for iPad, but the app is available on Android and ChromeOS devices as well).-Ensure that the app "Scratch Jr." is installed on all of the devices. This is a free app in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or Chrome Web Store.-Read through this lesson plan. The teacher will be directing students through each step along the way, so familiarize yourself with the end product.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Josiah Hodgett

Smartie the Penguin

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This resource includes the story of Smartie the Penguin. Smarty is faced with 3 different situations dealing with popups and in app purchasing, inappropriate sites and cyberbullying. The story is accompanied with a lesson plan, discussion questions and follow-up activities. There is also a video showing how to use this resource in the classroom.

Material Type: Learning Task, Lesson

Global Closet by National Geographic Society

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This is a two-part interactive game for middle school students that introduces them to the concepts of globalization and interdependence. In the first part, the students discover how clothing is sourced globally. The second part describes the issues related to the pieces and parts of a MP3 planner (this part is a little dated, but I have been able to connect it back to cell phones). Games can be played as a group with the utilization of a Smartboard type device. The resources includes an educator guide and integration with Google Classroom. I have used it as part of a larger lesson segment in Business Exploratory on Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalization.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: National Geographic Society

Be Internet Awesome with Google

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Be Internet Awesome is a collaboration between Google and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition ( It is "a multifaceted program designed to teach kids the skills they need to be safe and smart online." The resource includes a game called, Interland, that can be a stand alone tool as well as a full curriculum that enables teachers to teach digital citizenship fundamentals. The lesson plans are geared toward grades 3 to 5.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Authors: Google, Internet Keep Safe Coalition Unplugged Coding Activity for Kindergarteners: Happy Maps #1

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From "The bridge from algorithms to programming can be a short one if students understand the difference between planning out a sequence and encoding that sequence into the appropriate language. This activity will help students gain experience reading and writing in shorthand code." Key words: Algorithm Debugging

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Diagram/Illustration, Learning Task


Mission Solar System with NASA & Design Squad Global

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Hands-on, project based learning for Grades 4 to 8. Students use design thinking processes to solve engineering challenges. These space engineering themed lessons will engage students as they apply creative problem-solving skills. Resource includes a full downloadable guidebook. The guidebook includes a description of the design process, 5 design challenges, student handouts, and rubrics. It also includes links to other valuable resources and connection to standards (i.e. Next Generation Science, National Standards).

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment

Author: Jane Strong