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My Cotton Dress – The Rest of the Story
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The purpose of the lesson is to provide students with a brief history of the impetuous for the early 1900’s labor movement then contrast it with comparative labor and societal issues today. Retrieve the story of “My Cotton Dress” from https://ehistory.osu.edu/exhibitions/childlabor/cottondress

Topics and Learning Activities:

 Labor laws, for people less than 18 years old, today will be presented,

 The Industrial Revolution’s effects on society, the economy, emigration, and education will be presented.

 Students will read “My Cotton Dress.”

 Students will identify the Industrial Revolution’s societal issues that are being addressed in “My Cotton Dress.”

 Students will identify the current labor laws that address the working conditions the children of the Industrial

Revolution experienced.

 Students will be asked to identify similarities the 4 areas affected by the Industrial Revolution with those of the

information/technological revolution that America is currently experiencing.

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Now Go Lead, Student Leadership Lessons
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