Garden Education

California School Garden Network Curriculum

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The curriculum section provides over one hundred garden-based lessons to create, expand, and sustain garden-based learning experiences. It offers practical ideas and resources for every level of garden-based learning from sprouting seeds to understanding the food system. This curriculum section was compiled by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Garden-Based Learning Workgroup. The content for this section was borrowed, with permission, from various resources. It was our goal to use existing resources as not to “recreate the wheel” and to give a broad example of the garden-based learning resources that are currently in print. The section is divided into 12 theme areas with applications for primary and upper grade level students.

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Developing Traits and Behaviors: One Classroom's Story; Prairie Du Sac

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In 2001, Budding Blooms Greenhouse was created and initiated for fourth-grade students between two elementary school teachers at Tower Rock Elementary School in Prairie du Sac. The purpose was to create hands-on activities that promote an understanding and respect for Wisconsin’s agriculture. The vision for ls project was three-fold: to-naturally integrate real-world learning in every part of the curriculum, to utilize the program as a mentorship opportunity, and to obtain district-wide involvement.

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Author: Kathy Eidsmoe