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Bird Math

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The three teachers of the third and fourth grade team joined forces to create these standards-aligned resources. We discussed a middle-school curriculum unit, Birds & Flight, that one of us had written about fifteen years ago regarding using math to study and understand birds in different ways. As a team, we translated some of those concepts into middle-elementary activities.We discussed that the lessons could be taught in any order, but recommend using the Actual Size lesson as a fun capstone project.

Material Type: Lesson, Unit of Study

Authors: Sandy Benton, Amy Milz, Denise McFarlin, Ned Dorff

Measurement and Data in Nature

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This unit focuses on measurement and data for second-grade. The second-graders learn how to accurately measure natural objects using nonstandard units (unifix cubes) and standard units (inches). During field experiences, the students learned how to use field guides and how to collect data for a BioBlitz. Students used their data to create bar graphs, picture graphs, and analyzed their data.

Material Type: Lesson Plan, Unit of Study

Authors: Sandy Benton, Melissa Wimmler

Math in the Field

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High Marq Environmental Charter School is a project and place based school that serves grades 6-12 in Marquette County, Wisconsin.Each week our students participate in a full day field experience designed to connect, explore and engage with the outdoors. These lessons were all a part of those experiences with the exception of the math language field guide which was part of a math seminar.

Material Type: Lesson Plan, Unit of Study

Authors: Sandy Benton, Tiffany Lodholz, Lisa Biber

WISELearn Resources OER Template: Numbers By Nature

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This is the template for your Numbers By Nature OER project.You may find it easiest to copy and paste the content of this resource into a Google or Word document to create your OERs.Please change the title and add the required content as well as any other non-copyrighted content you would like to share with other educators. You may utilize copyrighted materials in your instruction. Please share the citations of these materials, but do not include the content of copyrighted materials in your OERs.

Material Type: Unit of Study

Author: Sandy Benton