Menominee Ethnobotany 01 Introduction

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An introduction to the Unit, including timeline, a game, and ground rules. This class is where the students begin a foundation for learning the entire unit. They will make a sketchbook to hold the knowledge gained throughout the entire two weeks of the unit. They will take ownership over their time spent through the development of a timeline for completion.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Ben Grignon

Medicine Wheel

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The medicine wheel has many teachings about balance in life: from ourselves to directions, to life stages, to medicines, to seasons, to elements, and many more. Here to share a few teachings through meditation, drawing, and CGI math. 

Material Type: Unit of Study

Author: Diane Burr

Menominee Origin and Community Resources Unit

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This unit consists of the Origin of the Menominee from various sources as well as lessons attached that discuss the Menominee Clan system including links to research sub-clans, mini-language lessons, the exploration of the 12 Tribes of Wisconsin and a highlight of the Menominee Forestry Practices including a Lesson on the Menominee Tribal Enterprises.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Elizabeth Wanetan