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A Christmas Carol WebQuest: KMS / 7th Grade English
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From the task itself on the Webquest: "Now that our class has completed reading A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, you are going to embark on a journey to ensure that Scrooge does not revert back to his miserly ways. In order to ensure this, you will work both individually and together as a team. Many of the tasks will be completed online, but some involve other skills. Follow these steps and you will help keep Scrooge from ever becoming a misanthrope again!"

These activities include: A Scavenger Hunt that provides links to various sites that enable to students to develop a deeper understanding of Victorian England as the setting of the text; a Holiday Menu (exploring cultural aspects of the holiday); Apology Letters written as Scrooge to various characters); Symbolic Tokens (to enable Scrooge to remember his lessons); all compiled as a group 'gift', which I thought was a wonderful symbol of just exactly what learning is :)

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