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FRS Library Plan Project Tracker

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This is a Future Ready School Library Plan tracker. It will support your priorities, goals, and actions to help your plan come to fruition. There is a tab for tracking and for a timeline. This can help organize your plan, as well as keep vital evidence of your progress to use with your stakeholders.

Material Type: Curriculum Map

Author: Beth Clarke

Artificial Intelligence in Education (CESA)

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This Google Presentation Slide Deck is an editable "make and take" of resources on the topic of artificial intelligence in the classroom. Viewers and editors are welcome to use this resource to learn about AI as well as teach others about it.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Beth Clark, Chad Collier, Deanna Nelson, Frank Devereaux, Jake Boll, Jennifer Olson, Jesse Schwingle, Kaye Henrickson, Kristin Galle, Linda Schuerman, Mary Maderich, Mia Chmiel, Sara Lindberg, Tammy Moynihan, Thomas King

UDL Modules

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The UDL Modules were developed to support educators across Wisconsin in building background knowledge of Universal Design for Learning. Each module was designed with the intent of learning about UDL by experiencing UDL. At the end of each module is a Try-it for learners to apply their learning to their context.

Material Type: Other

Authors: Diane Rozanski, Mia Chmiel