Jane Strong
Business and Information Technology, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship
Material Type:
Lesson Plan
Middle School
6, 7, 8
  • Bucket List
  • Digital Tools
  • Goal Setting
  • Goals
  • Google Docs
  • Graphic Design
  • SMART Goals
  • Tables
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    Education Standards

    "Bucket List" Goal Setting in Google Docs

    "Bucket List" Goal Setting in Google Docs


    Students use Google Docs to create an illustrative table.  This stand alone or extention exercise begins with student reflection and goal-setting using the popular venacular, "bucket list."  This lesson assumes prior knowledge or instruction in table creation in Google Docs.


    Discuss goal setting and the popular vernacular, "bucket list" goals.  Teacher could use SMART goals acronym to frame the lesson.  A short clip from the 2007 movie is a good illustrative element (movie is PG-13 so watch trailer prior to showing to students):

    The Bucket List Official Trailer #1


    Students view video.

    Write "Bucket List" Goals

    Hand out page one of "Bucket List Goal Setting Worksheet and Rubric."  Explain to students that they will reflect on 10 bucket list goals for new year (or time setting teacher determines).  Set a timer and have students reflect and write.  

    Students will reflect and write 10 bucket list goals.

    Pair and Share

    After the timer goes off, have students share their goals.  With a larger group, have students pair and share.  Smaller classes could share as a large group.  This will help students who may have struggled with ideas.

    Students will share their goals with other students.

    Create an Illustrative Table

    Explain the next part of the assignment:  Students will recreate their bucket list goals in a Google Docs.  This illustrative table will follow the directions in the rubric.  Hand out page two of the rubric and answer any questions.


    Students follow rubric to create an illustrative table in Google Docs.