Courtney Pierce
Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship
Material Type:
Lesson Plan
High School
10, 11, 12
  • Bad Customer Service
  • Customer Service
  • Good Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Role Play
  • SBE
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    Education Standards

    Customer Service Do's and Don't's Project


    Learn what spectacular customer service looks like. DIscuss good and bad customer service as a class. Divide class to create videos to represent what was discussed in class!

    Create a Video Showing Good & Bad Customer Service

    Go over the powerpoint with your students first. I broke up the students into groups and they brainstormed what good customer service looked like and what bad customer service looked like. Then we came back as a large group and summarized on the board our findings. You can do role plays next: one person being the customer, and another person being the sales rep. I made slips of scenarios that they chose out of a bucket. Then they were given two days to brainstorm ideas for their video, then record and edit the video. We watched them in class when everyone was done!