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Click! The Ongoing Feminist Revolution
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Click! In the 1970s that word signaled the moment when a woman awakened to the powerful ideas of contemporary feminism. Today “click” usually refers to a computer keystroke that connects women (and men) to powerful ideas on the Internet. Click! aims to bridge the gap between those two clicks by offering an exhibit that highlights the achievements of women from the 1940s to the present. This exhibit explores the power and complexity of gender consciousness in modern American life.
Students will be able to explore, research, and analyze various topics such as women in politics, the Civil Rights Movement, the Feminist Movement, Body and Health, and Workplace and Family.
Educators will have the ability to retrieve lesson plans on various topics such as free lesson plans to give teachers content materials and activities that will allow them to integrate the history of the modern women’s movement into their curriculum and help students engage with important historical questions about the struggles that have made the United States more equal and democratic. Each lesson plan focuses on a historical topic that engages with the concerns of students: politics and social movements; body and health; and workplace and family. These topics are investigated through the histories of individual women, their organizations, and their struggles for greater rights and social justice. Their stories are situated within larger histories to help students connect the modern women’s movement to other changes in post-World War Two America.

Gender Studies
Social Studies
U.S. History
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Learning Task
Lesson Plan
1935-1950 (in 2016). Eric Schlosser
A Factious People: Politics and Society in Colonial New York and Under the Cope of Heaven: Religion
Amherst; co-founder and oral history coordinator
Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons
Contemplating Edith Stein. Marilyn S. Blackwell
Drought and Dreams Gone Dry: A Traveling Exhibit and Public Program for Libraries about the Dust Bowl”; author
Founding Director
Frontier Feminist: Clarina Howard Nichols and the Politics of Motherhood. Patricia Bonomi
Georgia Southern University; author
How the García Girls Lost Their Accents
In the Time of the Butterflies and Once Upon A Quinceañera: Coming of Age in the USA. Joyce Berkman
International Resource for Impact & Storytelling. Charles Romney
Moorestown Friends School; author
New York University; author
Oxford University; author
Remembering the Forgotten War: The Enduring Legacies of the U.S.-Mexican War and The Texas Republic and the Mormon Kingdom of God.
Rights Delayed: The American State and the Defeat of Progressive Unions
The Healing Imagination of Olive Schreiner: Beyond South African Colonialism; editor
The New School for Social Research; author
University of Arkansas; co-curator
University of Massachusetts
Valley Women’s History Collaborative; author
When Ladies Go A-Thieving: Middleclass Shoplifters in Victorian Department Stores. Julia Alvarez
Zuni and the American Imagination. Cara Mertes
and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market. Michael Scott Van Wagenen
and Politics in Colonial America. Eliza McFeely
and the Illusion of Safety; Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal; and Reefer Madness: Sex
assistant professor of history
associate professor of history
essayist and poet; author
graduate program coordinator
history teacher
independent scholar and historian; co-author
professor emerita
the Damascus Accident
Elaine Abelson
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