Quick and Easy Kaizen

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Title: Quick and Easy KaizenAuthor: Chris Reinke
Subject(s): Teacher Professional Development

Overview / Description:

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that believes “change is good”. “Kai” means change and “zen” means good. In business settings, Kaizen is also a strategic tool that brings about continuous improvement, in terms of increased productivity, superior quality, lower costs, efficient processes, increased safety and better customer experience. The word “Continuous” is worth remembering here as Kaizen is a never-ending improvement process. In this professional development activity, the Bonduel School District will be introduced to a quick and easy way to incorporate kaizen continuous improvement strategies into the education setting.

Learning goals/objectives:

After completing this activity, teachers will:

  • understand a brief history of kaizen
  • incorporate quick and easy kaizen activities to improve the education setting


Quick and Easy Kaizen procedure

Download: QEK-procedure.doc

Quick and Easy Kaizen form

Download: QEK_FORM.docx


Step-by-Step ActivityDateLength of Time

After introducing teachers to the history of Kaizen and the Kaizen process: 

1a - Generate an idea to improve your own work area (if you have an IDEA for another area, encourage** them to document and implement the IDEA).

1b - Document the idea on the Quick & Easy Kaizen form linked above

·      In summary and to the point

·      3 minutes or less

·      75 words or less

·      sketches

  1. Submit Quick & Easy Kaizen form to the QEK Team for approval (or place forms in designated drop off areas).  

3.QEK Team will respond within one week. 

If you require resource time from another department it will have to be assessed by that department as well. (i.e.:IT & Admin)

4.   If your QEK is chosen, your idea will be acknowledged at the monthly staff meeting with district administration  (Mr. Dawidziak in Bonduel).  In addition, if your QEK is chosen for the month you will receive $5 gift card from either Subway or Kwik Trip.  

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