CESA 8 ACP Lesson Plan Template

ACP Lesson Plan 

Subject(s):  The subject you list must align to the standards you select
Grade Level(s):Total Time:

Overview / Description:

Learning goals/objectives:

After completing this activity, students should be able to . . .

Workplace Readiness Skill: (place an X in front of all which apply)

    Social Skills   Communication 
   Teamwork         Critical Thinking
   Attitude and Initiative    Planning and Organization
   Professionalism    Media Etiquette

Content Standards:(Copy and paste all relevant standards. Make sure to drill all the way down to the performance indicator level, as that will be what you need to link when uploading to the WISELearn platform.)

Materials: (include and link all necessary handouts, videos, additional resources so any teacher can use this lesson/unit with minimal prep)

Learning Activities:

Describe each step of the learning activity including strategies that will be used to meet the learning objective.

WHO (T=Teacher Focus Lesson; WG=Whole Group\; SM=Small Group; I=Independent)

Learning Activity Task                                                WHO is responsible
for this step?
Approximate time
for task

Assessment: What evidence will you collect of student learning?  Link assessment tools here.


Extension Activity (for intervention or enrichment):

ATTACHMENTS  Add additional resources (handouts, assessments, rubrics) not previously linked above. Go back and create bookmarks from the Materials section to these resources.

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