College & Lifelong Learning Hub

A collaborative space for post-secondary education and lifelong learning in Wisconsin.


Use College & Lifelong Learning (C&LL) Hub to:

  • Discover openly-licensed teaching and learning materials in support of effective formal and informal educational activities.
  • Share high-quality openly-licensed teaching and learning materials you have created or used.
  • Connect and collaborate with others involved with open education in Wisconsin.

The College & Lifelong Learning (C&LL) Hub is sponsored by the Community for Open Wisconsin (COW). COW is a group that advocates and collaborates to ensure that high-quality and low-cost educational resources are widely available to all Wisconsin residents. This hub helps ensure more equitable access to learning materials, such as openly-licensed educational materials and library resources. By growing this hub, both in contents and in use, we can help learners accomplish their goals.

    Wisconsin College & Lifelong Learning OER Community Launch

    Our space for sharing resources and information about OER for use in post-secondary education and lifelong learning is ready to go!

    Our official launch will take place at the Effordability Summit at UW-Stout on March 28.

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