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Act 31 Lesson Plan -- Indian Civil Rights Movement.pdf

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The following lesson is designed to help students explore the emergence of the American Indian Movement (c.1968 and beyond) in the context of the push for self-determination by native people, and within the broader movement for Civil Rights in American Society. This resource would be appropriate for high school students, during a study of the Civil Rights Movement. It provides primary source materials for students to analyze using the APPARTS process. This aligns to WI AIS Enduring Understanding #9 "American Indians and U.S. Citizenship".

Material Type: Formative Assessment, Lesson, Lesson Plan, Primary Source, Reading, Reference Material, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Paul Rykken

Wisconsin Social Studies Standards Materials Review Project

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The Wisconsin DPI started rolling out the new Wisconsin Social Studies Standards (WISSS) during the 2018-19 school year. Districts are interested in learning about high-quality instructional resources for the social studies classroom; however, neither IMET nor EdReports has undertaken a resource review for social studies. In an effort to provide some direction for districts seeking to adopt aligned high-quality resources for social studies, CESA 8 led a collaborative team of Grades 6-12 social studies teachers from 6 of our 27 districts in creating a repository of social studies resource reviews which assess alignment to the new Wisconsin Social Studies standards, as well as focus on the shifts in pedagogy contained within the new standards.

Material Type: Rubric/Scoring Guide

Author: Lynn Aprill