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Open Western OER Fellowship Workshop Series

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Asynchronous self-guided workshop series designed to guide college faculty through the process of develop, adapting, and/or creating Open Educational Resources for their courses. These workshops were designed specifically to support faculty and staff participating in the Open Western OER Fellowship program at Western Technical College in La Crosse, WI. Each workshop includes video tutorials, written instruction, and editable templates to support each phase of OER development. Each of the four workshops guides participants through one phase of the OER development: Workshop 1: Project Planning guides participants through an initial planning phase, in hopes of laying the groundwork for a successful project. It's designed to help participants think through their end product and what will be needed to make it a reality. Workshop 2: Project Creation covers the core activities of content adaptation, remix, and original creation. This is also where important practical tasks are introduced including using outside source material and prioritizing accessibility. Workshop 3: Revising and Publishing takes participants through a guided revision process and then leads into final publication. Workshop 4: Teaching with OER has participants evaluate the creation process and plan for the future. This workshop also discuss ways to use your OER with students and begin to incorporate concepts of open pedagogy into their classrooms.

Material Type: Full Course

Author: Ellen Range

Business Concepts: Exploring Careers in Business

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Two instructors, Jenny Parker and Mabel Gehrett, developed the new Business Concepts course to be used in the Business Division at Western Technical College in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This foundational course is designed to help new students learn more about each individual program in business so they can fully commit to their selected program as they get started. This course explores functions, components, activities, and career paths in key business areas including management, human resources, sales and marketing, and accounting. Business Concepts will expose these new students to the possibilities in business so they can make the best decision for themselves early on, and switch programs, if necessary, without adding time to their educational plan.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Jenny Parker, Mabel Gehrett