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    HR Management: Real-Life Perspectives - Lesson and Activity


    This lesson teaches students about human resources management. First, use the Discussion Guide (found in Task 1) to teach students about this concept. Then, use the activity (found in Task 2) to assess their understanding. This activity gives students the chance to interview working professionals about their experience with HR management. A full lesson module related to this concept can be found on the MBA Learning Center. Visit and search for "HR:410" in the Commons. 

    Discuss the nature of human resources management.

    Use the attached discussion guide to lead the class in a lesson about the role of human resources management. 

    Learn about human resources management. 

    Interview a professional

    Instruct students to interview an adult family member about human resources management to get a real-life perspective on the business function using the questions provided.

    Interview an adult family member about human resources management to get a real-life perspective on the business function. Complete the following questions

    1.  Whom did you interview and where does s/he work?


    2.  What is his/her job title?


    3.  Ask her/him to give his/her job description and specification, if possible.


    4.  How long has s/he been in this job position?


    5.  Does his/her company have a dedicated HR department? If not, who is mainly responsible for overseeing HR management activities?


    6.  How does HR benefit the person being interviewed?


    7.  How does the company handle recruiting?


    8.  What orientation activities did s/he participate in when starting the job?


    9.  What training and development programs are available at his/her company? Who administers them?


    10.  What compliance issues affect her/his company? Who ensures the company is following laws and regulations?


    11.  Ask him/her to describe the importance of HR management to the effectiveness of the business. What role does it play in strategic management and long-term competitiveness?

    Share with the class

    Allow each student to briefly share his/her findings with the class. 

    Briefly share your findings with the class.