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Analyzing Factors Of Rural Business Success by Thea Hempel


The purpose of this study is to investigate factors relevant to business success in a small, rural Northwestern Wisconsin community and determine what influences are behind their ability to succeed. The study looks to provide a basis for a Project Based Learning format that could be used at the high school or technical college level, allowing students to investigate their own community and explore career options. In addition, as a young person researches and understands their own community, the impetus would be a greater appreciation for their immediate surroundings along with the entrepreneurial energy needed to sustain a successful business lacking urban resources. The success of such businesses is imperative to the survival of such municipalities and supports the wellbeing of its residents. The study goes further to provide general feedback to the Chambers of Commerce that participate in such a study about the specific and unique aspects that create success in a defined geographical area through simple survey techniques.

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Analyzing Factors Of Rural Business Success

Thea Hempel

Franki Larabee, Faculty Advisor

Chippewa Valley Technical College

June 30, 2021