Marci Waldron-Kuhn
School Counseling
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Lesson Plan
High School
9, 10, 11, 12
  • ACP
  • Academic and Career Planning
  • Artifact
  • Employability Skills
  • Reflection
  • Soft Skills
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    Education Standards

    CESA 7 ACP Artifact Reflections


    ACP Programs typically have students gather artifacts throughout high school to represent their learning and growth.  Many times these artifacts are gathered in a portfolio format.  This particular reflection on student learning is completed by having students complete an oral reflection about a particular artifact of their choice. The rubric is provided for the presentation with the intent that the student is able to link their experiences in and outside of the classroom to soft skills they will need in their future as a student and employee.  This type of reflection can reinforce current soft skills emphasized in your district and help student make the connection between school and career.

    ACP Artifact Reflection

    ACP Artifact Reflections can be done by classroom teachers or ACP advisors.  The opportunity to reflect on one's learning and skill development is valuable to all students.  Students need to be instructed on the format of the presentation with an intro, body and conclusion.  In 9th and 10th grade, students may be encouraged to develop notecards to assist in their presentation.  The presentation should address the topics on the rubric.  This rubric is intended to be utlized during and after the student presentation for the instructor/advisor to provide feedback to the student.  This experience is intended to help students develop interview skills in which they provide specific examples about their skills and abilities. 

    Students will gather artifcats throughout their high school career that correspond with specific skills they have developed through their classes, co-curriculars and work-based learning.  Student artifacts could include: 

    notecards from a speech they gave

    print screens of a website they developed

    program from the school musical they performed in

    copy of CPR certifcation they earned

    team photo of a sport they participated in

    printouts of the slides they presented with their peers in a class

    copy of pages from their Chemistry lab notebook

    photo of a project they completed in a tech ed or art class

    a copy of their SAE from an Agriscience class

    copy of an employer eval from their Youth Apprenticeship experience, etc...

    Once a student has selected an artifact that demonstrates their growth and development, they link their learning to a soft skill they developed through this experience.  Students create a 3-5 minute presentation reflecting on the experience represented by the artifact, why they chose the artifact and how this experience links to the development of a particular soft skill.

    The student presents in front of their peers and the advisor or instructor completes the rubric providing feedback to prepare students for discussing their experiences in an interview setting in the future.