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Quill is our web-based tool that provides personalized, interactive writing lessons for middle school students. Each of the activities is built directly from the Common Core State Standards. Quill focuses on a single standard, and breaks it down into lessons that can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Grammar is an essential part of forming cohesive writing; it never exists in a vacuum. As such, in Quill's sentence writing activities, they require learners to rewrite the entire sentence correctly, not just choose a multiple choice answer or fill in the blank. The proofreading passages are filled with grammatical mistakes. In each of the passages, the student’s job is to identify and fix each of the errors. Quill then highlights the student’s own errors and provides a follow-up lesson on those particular subject areas. In both activities, students receive immediate feedback and are encouraged to repeat assignments until they achieve proficiency. Teachers can track which students are struggling with certain concepts and provide individualized instruction to suit their needs.

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