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Agricultural Careers and Leadership Career Pathway Poster
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Each student creates a poster exhibiting their career choices from kindergarten through high school or their adult life depending on where they are in their career planning.  The students identify the career clusters and pathways that best fit their career choices across their timeline or pathway.  The students become familiar with the career clusters and pathways.  They also learn about new career opportunities that fall under their chosen cluster or pathway.  The students share their poster with the class, which leads to a discussion of how our career choices from 4th grade on don't really change career cluster, but they do change pathways within the cluster.  The students compare their career pathway poster with their "Me" poster (lesson available in Wise Learn, search Me Poster) they made previously to determine the characteristics they have or skills they may need to develop for their future career.  

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
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Lesson Plan
Glenda Crook
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