Chemistry and Cooking

This is a comprehensive unit that incorporates the aspects of a standard matter unit into a PBL, inquiry based unit. 

The project is called "Chemistry and Cooking" and it will last about 6 weeks. Students will learn about what matter is, the phases of matter, the difference between physical and chemical properties, as well as physical and chemical changes. The project’s Driving Question, which focuses our work, is “How does an understanding of chemistry impact your cooking?” Students will be involved in hands-on activities and labs that will help them learn the concepts that they will then apply to their final project. The child will work independently on a recipe of their choice to show their understanding of how chemistry impacts cooking.

Link to Unit Overview that has explanations of how this unit connects to the NGSS Disciplinary core ideas, cross-cutting concepts, and science and engineering practices. 

Link to Teacher Plan that has an overview of each individual lesson, a guided narrative of each lesson, and also the additional resources that are available. 

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