Robert La Follette Day

Belle Case La Follette: Ballots and Bloomers | Wisconsin Biographies

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This activist and advisor didn’t let limiting ideas about what women could do —or uncomfortable corsets—confine her in her quest to get access to the ballot box and foster greater peace in the world. Resources available for exploring this story include: - A short animated video with captions and transcripts in English and Spanish - A short biography book accessible as a slide deck, with per-page audio for listening along, and maps of key locations in the story - Questions that can be used for conversation, reflection, and connection with the story - A historical image gallery full of primary and secondary sources to explore - A guide for activating the media with learners that includes story stats, extension activity ideas, and standards supported This story is part of Wisconsin Biographies, a collection of educational media resources for grades 3-6. Explore the full collection at

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Progressive Era Political Cartoons

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Cartoons in Sunday comic strips make us laugh. Political cartoons in the front section of the newspaper challenge us to think. Because political cartoons present a particular point of view or story through symbolism and caricature, they are a particularly effective method for teaching history. By interpreting political cartoons, students are encouraged to discover different points of view on the same historical event. The three political cartoons in this section focus on Robert M. La Follette; they offer an additional opportunity to explore the progressive era in Wisconsin. Suggested activities, brief histories of each cartoon, a one-page biography of La Follette, and an introduction to cartoon analysis are also included.

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