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Wisconsin Games + Learning + Libraries Cohort

Group Description

This group serves as the central resource sharing, resource curation, and networking hub for public, school, and academic librarians (and other educators) throughout Wisconsin that are interested in the beneficial learning principles found within well-designed games (of all types: video games, tabletop role-playing games, board games, card games, virtual reality, augmented reality, Esports clubs, etc.).

This group welcomes educators at every level of experience in the gaming & games + learning space -- whether you have little to no knowledge on the subject and would like to learn more, or whether you'd consider yourself someone who has long studied & educated with gaming. In joining this group, educators and practitioners will be able to contribute valuable resources in the Games + Learning space to the cohort network, troubleshoot questions & concerns, borrow knowledge from others, learn more about gaming pedagogy, and pair with other subject matter experts throughout the field.

Additionally, as our group expands, resources are collected, and we develop more robust cooperation, our network will be allow leaders in the Games + Learning space to become more involved in statewide/national initiatives. We hope to elevate conversations around games + learning, and let our group serve as a workable template for other states to follow.

Collaboratively, we will curate useable resources that are relevant to numerous subsets of Games + Learning (which group members will be able to borrow from and utilize), including: research and articles that explore the good learning principals within gaming, innovation in gaming and related technologies, developing library & school programs around gaming, developing/offering gaming collections in libraries (and best practices for borrowing and maintenance of said collections), research/practitioner partnerships, continuing education and professional development in the games + learning space, and more.

If you are a teacher, a school/public/academic/special librarian, an informal educational practitioner, a researcher, or work in a related field, you are welcome to join this group, contribute resources, and interact with others. We look forward to your participation; game on!

Group's Subjects

  • Computer Technology
  • Career and Tech Ed
  • Creative Arts
  • Educational Support
  • Library and Information Science

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  • Professional Educator

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