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How to Read a Scholarly Article

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This is an open access tutorial on how to read scholarly articles created by UW-Madison Libraries. It is interactive and developed in Articulate Storyline 360. It is fully-accessible. Aligned with the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: Frame - Scholarship as a Conversation. Learning outcomes: 1. identify parts of a scholarly article to determine relevance and quality. 2. articles vary by discipline, and strategies for reading to understand an articleTo access tutorial, select view resource. 

Material Type: Interactive

Author: Alex Stark

What are scholarly sources?

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This video created by the UWM Libraries describes the author, audience, and purpose of scholarly souces, and why/how undergraduates engage with them.Learning outcome: Students will be able to describe the author, article, and purpose of scholarly sources in the context of undergraduate research and writing.ACRL Frame Alignment: Scholarship as a conversation

Material Type: Other

Author: Heidi Anoszko