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Middle School Social Studies Standards Based Curriculum

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This project is addressing the needs of a consistent standards-based curriculum for our middle school. The new Wisconsin Social Studies Standards have altered what needs to be taught at all levels and our current middle school social studies curriculum does not address these standards. We are also in a situation that several teachers teach social studies along with other subjects and this curriculum will address the need for consistency and providing these teachers with exact objectives and standards for their classrooms. The project's intended audience is middle school teachers and students. Grades 6-8. The anticipated impact is that students taught under this curriculum will have a solid base of knowledge in all areas of the social sciences. This will impact their ability to be successful in future social studies classes- specifically high school classes that are more specific and will build off the knowledge learned in middle school. It will also impact the teachers that will be teaching the curriculum as it will provide a well-laid out plan and expectations that will hopefully make their planning easier and more consistent. This will also in term alleviate some of the issues the high school teachers are currently seeing with students coming in with a weak knowledge base.

Material Type: Lesson, Unit of Study

Author: Kristin WhiteHorse