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From Site: NASA and DESIGN SQUAD developed this online workshop for educators and afterschool leaders who want to build their skills and confidence in guiding kids through engineering activities. Whether you're experienced or new at this, you'll come away with insights and strategies for strengthening your kids' critical-thinking abilities and getting them excited about using the design process, the series of steps engineers use to arrive at solutions. In this self-guided workshop, you'll: Experience the design process in action. Learn and reflect on ways you can use the design process to tap into your kids' problem-solving skills and creativity. Watch an engineering activity. See how easy it is to integrate the design process into the hands-on activities you do with your kids. Get resources. Discover a variety of engineering activities from NASA and DESIGN SQUAD for kids in grades K–12.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Learning Task

Author: Judy Lefeber

Creating a Quiz with Scratch

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From the Scratch Wiki: "Scratch contains the resources available for creating a question/answer system. This system can be used for one to be 'quizzed', or to repetitively answer automated questions. This tutorial shows various methods on how to create a question system. For each method, the ask () and wait block is used to ask questions and input answers." Use these blocks to teach students to create a quiz for many different concepts and disciplines.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Scratch Wiki