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    Human Services Career Resources

    Human Services Career Resources


    Check out these links to various Human Services resources that you can use as part of your classroom curriculum today.


    Resource LinkDescription
    Exploring Careers in Human ServicesIncludes Quick Facts on 37 careers linked to Human Resources
    Human Services website from Wisconsin DWDCareers in the human services cluster involve helping people with a variety of needs, such as counseling and fitness training. Find out about Human Services careers with entry points from a high school diploma to a Bachelor's Degree and beyond.
    What Can You Do With a Social Work Degree?A career in social work is bound to be rewarding no matter what you do, but here are some options of different jobs you can get with a Social Work degree.
    Career Opportunties in Social Sciences videoVideo from UW-Stout on the opportunities connected with Social Science majors.Video from UW-Stout on the opportunities connected with Social Science majors.
    10 Hot Human Services CareersDo you have a passion for helping others in the community, and do you see yourself working hard to improve the lives of families around you? If so, then human services careers might be the perfect fit. This rewarding and challenging career field gives you the chance to directly support people in need in your community.
    Careers in Human ServicesHuman services is a very broad field that stems from a single concept: helping people. If you’re driven by compassion and seek the kind of satisfaction that can only come from helping others, a career in human services may be the answer for you.