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Students will use the DECIDE process to purchase a car. First, they will research different new and used cars. Then they will decide which one is best to purchase based on their values, goals, and ability to manage their money.Students will use an electronic device to complete the activity. You will be able to assess student’s ability to make decisions once they have completed the packet.Prior to this lesson, students have read and completed activities in NEFE High School Financial Planning Program Module 1. Students will also already have an understanding of the following-          Money habits-          Budgeting-          Needs vs Wants-          SMART Goals-          Values-          DECIDE ProcessMaterials needed for this lesson and activity include:-        NEFE High School Financial Planning Program Module 1 -        Making Decisions: Car Buying assessment-        Accessible to electronics – iPads, computer lab, laptops, etc.-       Calculator *See attatched lesson for more information*
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