Marci Waldron-Kuhn
School Counseling
Material Type:
Lesson Plan
High School
9, 10, 11, 12
  • ACP
  • Academic and Career Planning
  • ILP
  • Individualzed Learning Plans
  • Reflection
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    Education Standards

    CESA 7 ACP Individualized Learning Plans


    A comprehensive ACP Program has students create and revise Individualized Learning Plans annually.  This lesson provides examples of grade level ILP forms that can be modified by school districts to use with students prior to course registration on a yearly basis.  The ILP's can also be shared with parents during Parent Teacher Conferencing or ACP conferencing.  Students will reflect on their strengths, areas to improve, standardized test results, Career Clusters of interest, post-secondary planning, course selection and co-curricular involvement.

    Student Completion of ILP

    ACP Advisors would work with a small group to complete a District Specific ILP for the appropraite grade level.  This is done prior to course registration for the following year.  Individaul Student Plans can then be utilzed at Parent Teacher Conferences or during ACP Student Conferencing.  District ILP should be created by revising the sample grade level ILPs to reflect required grade level course offerings specific to your district.  Sample grade level ILPs canbe accesed via this lesson under the Resources tab.

    Students are provided with a District Specific ILP to complete with their ACP advsior.  This can be used prior to course registration and as a tool to reflect on their goals.  Sample grade level ILPs can be accessed via this lesson under the Resources Library tab.