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Once you have completed your career match assessment online on Xello, you will be selecting one career of your choice from your highest career match that you would like to research further.  This career can be one that interests you as a possible career choice or it could simply be a career that you have never heard of before or know little about. In your brochure you will need to provide the following information; a general overview of the career, education/training required for this specific job, the salary amount (yearly or hourly), work responsibilities/duties, and a few examples of related jobs.  You should also include pictures and any other interesting information about the career in your brochure. To create your brochure you will use Microsoft Publisher, click on the brochure and select the format you like.  They will be printed in black and white so when choosing a color scheme, select light colors.This assignment is worth 50 points and will be the main artifact in your career portfolio.  Make it look professional but be creative.
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