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Business and Information Technology
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    Business - Soft Skills

    Business - Soft Skills


    Lesson includes links to business articles on "soft skills" in the workplace and related worksheet. WIth "Business - Soft Skills" worksheet, students will analyze their own soft skills and indicate how to further develop those skills. They will also compete a pair/share following their analysis.

    Read Articles

    Students will read the attached business articles about "soft skills" in the workplace.

    Read the attached articles.

    Complete Worksheet

    Students will complete worksheet related to the articles. They will define soft skills and identify those skills that are in demand. They will analyze upon their own soft skills, and reflect upon what they need to develop. They will indicate how they can develop their soft skills. 

    The final task of the worksheet has them share their analysis and reflection with a partner. They should take notes on their partner's reflection as well. 

    Option: Have pairs share with entire class following pair/share.

    Complete the attached PDF worksheet, "Business - Soft Skills."