American Indian Studies
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Menominee Quiz Kahoot
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Menominee Kahoot!

Menominee Kahoot!


10 Kahoot Questions to be given to be administered to the students after Lessons 1-4 are previewed in the 2019 WISELearn Folder I created.


Lesson Reminder

Please review and complete Lessons #1- #4 before doing the Kahoot Lesson #5 in the WISELearn 


Menominee Kahoot Lesson created through WISELearn Template shared with group

Menominee Kahoot! Lesson Plan #5

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Lower Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2

30-45 MInutes 
American Indian Studies
14 Kahoot Questions to be given to be administered to the students after Lessons 1-4 are previewed in the 2019 WISELearn Folder created and shared .
WG=Whole Group, SM=Small Group or I=Independent Sign-up for Kahoot free. Click on the Kahoot link provided.
This activity can be done in as a Whole-Group Lesson, Small-Group, or Independent Chall
After completing this activity, students should be able to apply knowledge through recall of Lesson's 1-4 in the
Menominee Unit.
Students will be able to use prior knowledge to recall locations of Native Tribes of Wisconsin, Basic Menominee
Language Words (2-3) Chosen, Eagle & Turtle Legend, Menominee Origin Story and Clan S 

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Workplace Readiness Skill:
X Social Skills Communication
X Teamwork

X Critical Thinking
X Media Etiquette
Access to SmartTV and/or Chromebooks to answer Kahoot questions
Learning Activities:
Students use their prior knowledge of the Menominee People presented over the course of the last 4 lessons to answer questions about Language, Clan System, Eagle and Turtle Legend, Beginning Menominee Language Lessons (2-3 words), and Native Tribes of Wisconsin and their basic location.

Learning Activity Task WHO is responsiblefor this step?
Approximate time for task
Sign-up for Kahoot Teacher 5 minutes
Bring up Kahoot Lesson Teacher 5 minutes
Decide and/or Divide groups up for competition Teacher 5 minutes
Go through each question in Kahoot Teacher/Students 20 minutes
Discuss each question and what the right answer is. Teacher/Students (above)

Assessments will be observational based upon answers given in Kahoot as a group or Individually along with
discussions after each questions. Check for understanding based upon oral discussions as a group.

Review each question 1 more time as a Teacher Led activity to ensure understanding.
Extension Activity

Review the 4 prior lessons in the series to enusure understanding of Tribes located in Wisconsin, Clan
System, Menominee Language and Origin Story of the Menominee People.
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