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Students will develop a basic understanding of  “Love and Respect” along with listening to and responding to a story. 
Family and Consumer Sciences, American Indian Studies
Lower Primary
Grade 1, Grade 2
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Annie Perteet on Apr 20, 03:08am

Synopsis: A turtle complains and does not appreciate who he is. He wants to be like the eagle who can fly.
I think that this is a good lesson, but there are some issues. Head: The language in the lesson assumes that there are no underlying reasons for the complaining. The basic approach of this lesson presents a connotation that a person has no right to react to environmental issues. For example, as a female African American in Wisconsin, I have grown up in situations of oppression. I have been told, "You're not good enough." Each day of my life, when I leave home, I am facing an environment that was not developed with intent for my good; for me to prosper or to be successful. Hence...The story of the Turtle and the Eagle is good, but the teacher's lesson does not provide any investigation into why the turtle feels the way that he does about himself. The message that is being sent to the students is to not empathize with the turtle. Instead, the language suggests that the turtle accept, ignore and move on.

As an African American Female, I am familiar with the line, "angry black woman or trouble maker," when injustice is exposed.



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