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Menominee Teaching and Art Project


Students will develop a basic understanding of  “Love and Respect” along with listening to and responding to a story.


Turtle and the Eagle Teacher Lesson

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The Turtle and the Eagle

 1.     To truly love, one must first learn to love oneself.  In our story, which character was not happy being himself? (The turtle)  How do you know? (always complaining)

2.     Ask students, Who wanted to be friends with the turtle when he complained about everything? (no one wanted to stay and listen to him complain)  Do like being around others who complain all the time? (not really, you want to have fun, and it’s not fun when someone is whining and complaining all the time.)

 3.     The turtle thought life would be so much better if he could fly like the birds.  Eagle did try to help turtle by taking him up into the sky.  But flying was not exactly what turtle thought it would be.  He learned to appreciate his own abilities on the ground.  Did the Creator make all animals the same? (No)  Do you think he made all people the same? (No). 

4.     Just like turtle, each one of us have abilities that make us unique/special.  And sometimes we might wish we were someone else, but the Creator has given each of us our own special qualities that make us who we are.  What are some abilities that the Creator gave you that makes you special? (help students name things they are good at, or makes them unique from others)

 5.     The teaching of “Love” teaches us in order to love all of creation, we must first love ourselves.  Just like turtle, we need to appreciate/love our special qualities before we can love others.