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Carreras y comunidades:  Spanish language Career Exploration and preparation
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Taught in Spanish, for students interested in exploring a variety of careers and are:- dual language immersion learners- Spanish language learners who completed AP Spanish - New arrivals who speak Spanish- Heritage language learners Assessment: formative & summative assessments around the various modes of communication: Interpersonal, Presentational, and InterpretiveStudent centered, with lots of time built in for independent exploration, sharing with groups, guest speakers, and site visits in preparation for a career post graduation and pathway to accomplish their goals.Linked to Career or World Language Standards and overlap with business and IT standards. Students will be meeting many different objectives in their coursework. Additionally, participation in this class may help students understand the relevance of their other course preparations and how those subjects contribute to career readiness. 

Career and Technical Education
World Languages
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Formative Assessment
Interim/Summative Assessment
Self Assessment
Barbara A Davis
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