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  • WI.MME.MGT5.b.2.m - Explain the impact of risk on business.
To Have & To Hold - Project with Rubric
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Project Description: This project introduces students to entrepreneurship as well as economic systems, developing nations, and transitional economies. Each team will conduct thorough research on the economies of three diverse nations and determine which of those countries is most hospitable and supportive of entrepreneurship and private business ownership. After identifying which of the three is most ideal for entrepreneurship, the team will create promotional pieces of its choice (e.g., television commercial, series of advertisements, podcast, etc.) to persuade would-be entrepreneurs to start their businesses in that particular country.The attached project document (found in the Resource Library) includes step-by-step instructions, templates, briefings, resources, and rubrics to help guide the project. Driving Question: Which countries are most supportive of entrepreneurship and personal business ownership? Timeframe: 2 weeks

Business and Information Technology
Career and Technical Education
Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship
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