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  • WI.ELA-Literacy.WHST.9-10.9 - Draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection...
Global Studies Course Proposal (Standards Mapped)
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Use this resource to review a possible curriculum for a high school level Global Studies course aligned to the English-Language Arts Common Core State Standards and Wisconsin Social Studies Standards. The goal of this course is to ensure that students are purposeful, motivated readers who make meaning from what they read to be democratic citizens now and in the future. Throughout this course, students will become independent learners that understand the value of reading and writing in today’s global community. This course will foster the 21st Century skills of creativity, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, productivity, and innovation within a context that uses standards from both the Wisconsin Social Studies Standards and the Common Core State Standards for English-language Arts (CCSS ELA). Moving throughout the year, students will focus on the five strands of social studies aligned by the Wisconsin Standards:

Geography: People, Places, and Environment

History: Time, Continuity, and Change

Political Science and Citizenship: Power, Authority, Governance, and Responsibility

Economics: Production, Distribution, Exchange, and Consumption

The Behavior Sciences: Individuals, Institutions, and Cultures

English Language Arts
Social Studies
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