Health Career Display & Presentation

Prior to completing the Health Career Display and Presentation, students have:

1.  Background on health career pathways (Therapeutic, Diagnostic, Health Information, Support Services and Biotechnology, Research and Development) and exposure to a variety of career opportunities that exist in each

2.  Background on essential qualities of health care workers

3.  Students have rated their current development on a continuum for several essential qualities and created a goal for growth in one area.

4.  Students have completed an activity interest survey and medical career match, a personal survey prioritizing values, an abilities and skills survey and an online personality test matching them to specific careers they may find most fulfilling based on characteristics.

5.  Students use the information gathered from surveys and assessments in selection of 3 health careers to investigate.  Students document their findings in the Health Career Comparison Chart.  Students must use the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook and Wisconsin Health Careers (AHEC) websites.

6.  Presentation strategies walkthrough


Students select one career to complete a deep dive.  Students should use the following grading rubric, student display and presentation examples as a guide.  (I show the student example presentation - Combat Medic and as a class we highlight what went well.

Download: Career_Health_Display_Rubric.xls

Sample Presentation: Combat Medic

Download: Health_Career_Display_IDEAS_PWPT_3_BlgaaLL.pptx

Adapted from HOSA Career Health Display competitive event.  Health Career Display Event Guidelines

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