Observe, Wonder, Connect in Nature (view)

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Observe, Wonder, Connect in Nature
Learning goals:
Our five senses (taste, touch, hear, smell, see) are interconnected with exploring the world around us.
environment, environmental, inquiry, Inquiry-based Learning, science, outdoor learning, place-based learning, winter, questioning, wonder, Teaching Standards Gold, TGS, Early Childhood, Preschool, habitat, adaptations, Animals, plants


This series of 5 high-quality, standards-aligned, inquiry-based lessons have been field-tested by the 4K students of Wequiock Children's Center for Environmental Science, their teacher and educational assistant. These lessons encourage students to use natural areas around their school as they improve their science and engineering skills as part of a unit on observing changes. Created as a part of a WISELearn OER Innovation project, Connect, Explore, and Engage: Using the Environment as the Context for Science Learning was a collaboration of the Wequiock Children's Center for Environmental Science and the Wisconsin Green Schools Network. One of the goals of the project was to create standards-aligned lessons that utilize the outdoor spaces of the school . These lessons were created to take place during late winter.