Career Clusters Match Game

Prep ahead of lesson:

  • Print full page slides 13-28 and 38-53 and laminate.
  • Cut picture slides in two (two pictures for each career cluster).
  • Sort career clusters into one pile and career pictures in another pile.

Learning Targets:

Students will understand that all careers can be categorized under one or more of the 16 career clusters.

Students will be able to identify careers that fit into each career cluster.

Lesson activity:

Use powerpoint and notes to walk through lesson.

Introduce students to first 8 career clusters, then break students into 8 small groups.  Give each group a career cluster (laminated).  Place career pictures for first 8 clusters in a pile on the floor.  Instruct students to stand around careers with partner and whisper which they think are the correct 2 for their group.  Then instruct one group member to gently and carefully grab 2 careers for their group and sit down.

Call one group up at a time to go through the correct careers by cluster.

Repeat with second half of clusters.

Download: Career_Clusters_Intro_Game_O7eLrsR.pptx

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