ACP Career Matchmaker

Title:  ACP Career MatchmakerAuthor: Cheryl Hopkins
Subject(s):  Career Development
Grade Level(s): 9-11Total Time: 45-55 min

Overview / Description:

The purpose of this activity is to show students that Career Matchmaker provides individualized feedback for their career choices based on how they answer a set of questions.

Learning goals/objectives:

Objectives 1: Students will participate in a classroom discussion that focuses on how career assessments should be seen as tools for finding suitable careers, rather than as “tests” that supply the final word on students’ futures.

Objectives 2: Students will engage in answering 116 Career Matchmaker questions to connect their personal interests of what they enjoy doing as well as their strengths/talents to help identify possible career options.

Workplace Readiness Skill: (place an X in front of all which apply)

X Social Skills                        X  Communication

   Teamwork                             Critical Thinking

   Attitude and Initiative        X  Planning and Organization

   Professionalism                     Media Etiquette

Content Standards : Wisconsin Common Career Technical Standards (WCCTS)

  •  CD1.a: Identify personal strengths, aptitudes and passions.
  • CD1.a.3.h Evaluate various occupations and career pathways to identify personal, academic and career goals based on personal strengths, aptitudes and passions.
  •  CD1.b: Demonstrate effective decision making, problem solving and goal setting.
  • CD1.b.6.h: Develop an action plan to set and achieve realistic goals.

Materials: (link all necessary handouts, videos, additional resources)

  • Access to Xello (Formerly Career Cruising)
  • Computer Access


Describe each step of the learning activity including strategies that will be used to meet the learning objective.


T=Teacher Focus Lesson

WG=Whole Group

SM=Small Group



State approx. amount of time for each task

Students will sign into their Xello-Career Cruising AccountI3 Min
Have students click on My Plan, and then click on Career Matchmaker. I1 Min
Start New Matchmaker.-Students should read the instructions on the Introduction page, label their Matchmaker session with Today's Date, and then click Start Now.I5 Min
Click on the Answer More Questions in the Improve My Results section on the left side of the Career Suggestions page until all 116 questions have been answered.I20-30 Min
Students should save at least 3 careers that sound interesting to them.  -To Save a career, simply click on the career.  In the upper right corner click on “Save to My Plan.”  To unsave, simply click “Saved to my Plan.”I6 Min
Student will share their top 3 career suggestions with the group in a class discussion.WG10 Min

Assessment: What evidence will you collect of student learning?  Link assessment tools here.


Encourage the students to discuss who this tool can be used to find suitable careers based on their personal interests and strengths/talents.  Allow students to identify if the jobs would require any special education after high school and coursework they should consider while they are in high school.

Extension Activity:

Research possible schools or apprenticeship programs they will need to pursue in order to follow through with this career interests.

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