Molarity and Concentration of Solutions

The concentration of a solution is a simply a measure of the amount of solute dissolved in a given amount of solvent or solution. 

Solutions are often referred to as being “dilute” or “concentrated,” but these terms are somewhat vague (qualitative) and not very quantitative. 

In this lesson, students explore two "quantitative" methods to express the concentrations of solutions: molarity and molality.  Provided are links to two interactive online simulations (PhET),  downloadable Student Guides/Activities, a fun laboratory activity, and a worksheet of practice problems to enhance mathematics problem solving.

"Concentration" simulation link

"Molarity" simulation link

Download: koolaid_lab.doc

Download: Molarity_Molality_Practice_2.docx

Download: Concentration_and_Molarity_PhET_Lab.docx

Download: Concentration_and_Molarity_II-Dillution_PhET_Lab.docx

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