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Student Global Competence Training Modules

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The Center for Global Education at Asia Society has created online modules to support CTE students in learning about the skills of global competence. These short, 15–20 minute modules, are self-paced and available through ACTE's Career Prepped platform. Descriptions of each module are below together with related activity guides and resources featured in each module. All materials are free of charge due to generous support from ECMC Foundation. A Faculty Guide helps faculty utilize the modules in their classes and provides student assignment ideas. Please see the Student Assignment section for accompanying assignments.

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CTE and Global Competency

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It’s no secret that we are living in a time of rapid economic, technological, and social changes, which are creating a world that is ever more interconnected. One in ten Americans is foreign born, and all of our local communities – urban, suburban, and rural – are growing more diverse. To take advantage of global and local market opportunities, companies want to hire workers with global competence—that is, the capacity and disposition to understand act on issues of global significance. In these lessons, we discuss ways to prepare all students for work and civic roles in an environment where success increasingly requires the ability to compete, connect, and cooperate on an international scale.

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