Samuel Shackleford
Numbers and Operations
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Lesson Plan
Lower Primary
1, 2
  • Addition Facts; Doubles + 1; Doubles +2
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    Addition Fact Strategies- Doubles +1


    Once students have the concept of doubles down as a fact strategy they can then use this fact to identify relationships about other number facts. Students recognize the patterns and relationships between the numbers while modelling using concrete manipulatives and diagrams. This is a strategy that uses  Counting On and Doubles as a combined strategy.


    Doubles Number Sort

    The cards sets should be precut and shuffled together.. Give each student a set of cards and have them try to compare and contrast the cards to determine small group sets. After everyone has had a chance to sort through on their own they should join with a partner or small group and share observations.

    As you move around through the groups, make sure to ask questions that focus on their comparison statements. For example, "Why did you choose to group these cards together?", "What makes these cards sdifferent than these others?", "Why did you choose to not include this card in the set you have over here?" Student responses should provide reasoning about what made each group unique and did not overlap.

    Students may group sets into Doubles (9 cards), Doubles + 1 (9 cards), Doubles +2 (9 cards), or another possiblity would be a Double, Double + 1 and Double + 2 set (9 sets with three cards each- 2 + 2; 2 + 3; 2 + 4). Accept other variations with reasonable explanations

    Create small sets of cards such that every card in a set has the same thing in common, and does not share it with any other group.