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This website is great for teaching students to recognize signs, symbols, and labels related to safety. The website provides pictures and descriptions of physical safety symbols, fire safety symbols, first-aid symbols, hazard symbols, radiation hazard symbols, and other symbols. As an interactive activity, students should make flashcards as they navigate the website. The front side of the flashcard could have a picture or drawing of the symbol, and the backside could have a description of its meaning. The goal of this activity is to familiarize students with safety symbols, labels, and signs that they may encounter in a medical setting, so they can recognize them and stay safe in their future healthcare jobs. As a supplemental activity, students could use the scenario worksheet linked in the WISELearn description (answer key provided). Students could also complete a scavenger hunt around the school's science laboratories to find safety symbols. If a science lab is not available, then teachers could print pictures of medical settings, and students can identify all the signs, symbols, and labels in the pictures. Another supplemental activity could be doing the flyswatter review game; pictures of the signs, symbols, and labels would be printed and taped to the board. Teachers would read descriptions to two students with flyswatters, and they race to identify the correct symbol.
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