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Menominee Origin and Community Resources Unit

Menominee Origin and Community Resources Unit


This unit consists of the Origin of the Menominee from various sources as well as lessons attached that discuss the Menominee Clan system including links to research sub-clans, mini-language lessons, the exploration of the 12 Tribes of Wisconsin and a highlight of the Menominee Forestry Practices including a Lesson on the Menominee Tribal Enterprises.

Menominee Origin and Extended Community Resources Unit

The Unit Introduction is the first lesson and all other lessons are attached above.

WISELearn Grant 2022 Unit Overview


Title: Menominee Tribe Origin StoryAuthor:   Elizabeth Wanetan
Subject(s): Social Studies
Grade Level(s):   1st, & 2ndTotal Time:   45 minutes

Overview / Description:

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Origin Story and Menominee Main Clan System

The Creation Story of the Menominee Nation

Mamaceqtaw: The Menominee People -  History & Culture

Menominee Indians Of North America series


Learning goals/objectives:

After completing this activity, students should be able to . . share the main points of the Menominee Origin story,.name the 5 main clans of the Menominee Nation and be able to verbally state 4 out of 5 Menominee Clans in Menominee Language.


Workplace Readiness Skill:  

                Social Skills             XCommunication 
              X Teamwork                X   Critical Thinking
             X Attitude and Initiative  Planning and Organization
  Professionalism              Media Etiquette

Content Standards:  WI.SS.PS1.a.1  Describe symbols, songs, and traditions that identify our state and country. Assess the importance of rules and laws at home, in school, and in the community.

Materials:  Smartboard/Smart TV ,  Origin Story of the Menominee People

Learning Activities:  T, WG, SM, I

WHO (T=Teacher Focus Lesson; WG=Whole Group\; SM=Small Group; I=Independent)

Learning Activity Task                                                WHO is responsiblefor this step?Approximate timefor task
Play YouTube Video of Menominee Origin StoryThe Creation Story of the Menominee Nation Teacher5-7 minutes
Discussion and Recap of Origin Story w/Students  Teacher10 Minutes
Group students in partners, have them study the Pictures and names of the Menominee Clans  Teacher10 minutes
Return to whole group and as a group ; show the Google Doc and ask if the students can name the 5 main-clans of the Menominee Nation  Teacher/Students15 minutes

Assessment: Observation after the partner share.  Come back as a large group and ask if he/she can name the Clan System.  Check for understanding or any questions that may come up from the students.


Wrap-Up:  Bring students back together and ask them to name the 5 Main Clans of the Menominee Nation.  Show the Google Doc and discuss, ask students if they can name 4 of the 5 without looking at the board.  


Extension Activity : Give some of the characteristics of each animal and where the animal lives and what it eats for survival.


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