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AAJFG - 1.08 - Enslavement and The Civil War

AAJFG - 1.08 - Enslavement and The Civil War


According to the Library of Congress, “African-Americans were enslaved in what became the United States from early in the 17th century. Even so, by the time of the American Revolution and eventual adoption of the new Constitution in 1787, slavery was actually a dying institution. As part of the compromises that allowed the Constitution to be written and adopted, the founders agreed to end the importation of slaves into the United States by 1808.”


These resources provide teachers with critical information on the lives and experiences of African-Americans prior to and during the Civil War.  An emphasis is placed on  the role of slave labor to support the U.S. economy as well as the moral dilemma of holding people in bondage.


1.8 Enslavement and The Civil War

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